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MistyMeadow3 2nd May 2016 01:06

Pixie frog
Hello All!
I have kept an american bullfrog, African dwarf frog, an axolotl, and lizards, and i'm ready to get a new amphibian. I have been seriously considering the pixie frog( African bullfrog. i love it's size and i have a name picked out. I have a 10 gallon tank for when it's small and will move up as he grows. But i do have a couple questions.
15 or 20 gallon long tank? i've seen both
Uv or Undertank heating? or no heat at all?
frequent insect feeding or more occasional rodent (frozen thawed) feeding?

Blackbun 2nd May 2016 11:24

Re: Pixie frog
Hello, did you see this?

MistyMeadow3 2nd May 2016 21:28

Re: Pixie frog
I did see it, But it did not address the topic of feeding or tank size.

MistyMeadow3 4th May 2016 22:40

Re: Pixie frog
Does no one know the answers to my questions?

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