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Methos5K 18th June 2017 13:47

Herpele squalostoma. We have worm sign.
I recently acquired a Congo caecilian; and I wanted to share. I purchased a heavy-duty 40 quart Hefty plastic storage bin with latching lid. I drilled 7 holes (3/8") just under the lip of the lid horizontally on the longer sides of the container. A piece of fine window mesh was taped over these with duct tape. I attached a medium sized Zilla heat mat to the outside bottom of the bin; then plugged that into a Zilla habitat thermostat. Temperature is set to 82F. The inside of the bin is filled with a 5" deep layer of CareFresh Pet Bedding. It is heavily moistened with treated tap water; but not so much as it is water logged. The top is covered with a layer of cork bark flats. The caecilian is young; about 7" long and thick as a pencil. I sort out the smaller of bait-shop purchased Red Wigglers and put them in every two weeks.

ignatz 21st July 2017 05:41

Re: Herpele squalostoma. We have worm sign.
How is the animal doing? Have you heard of anybody ever breeding these successfully? Where did you get it? Thanks!

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