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Field Herping Groups
For anyone who has ever been herping in the Ouachita Mountains of western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma, USA.
7 2 2 4
24th February 2009
Field Herping Groups
If you have ever gone herping in the Ozarks join this group.
4 1 1 1
8th March 2009
If you are interested in all mole salamanders, lung-less salamanders, and newts, or just keep a few species, this is the group for you! (or if you just think salamanders rock;D)
22 1 12 35
22nd August 2009
For those who enjoy frogs and toads of all types!!
36 3 4 27
26th September 2009
Specific Interest
This group is for anyone addicted to the fine art of vivaria construction in all its forms.
51 6 18 15
23rd December 2009
Specific Interest
for sharing experience and knowledge of Tylototriton and Echinotriton-species
56 6 29 40
9th January 2010
Field Herping Groups
Let share scientific and conservation information about Ontario Amphibians. With a network, we may enjoy a greater experience with our hobby.
7 2 2 12
7th June 2010
Regional Groups
a group for all canadian keepers of any newts or salamanders except axolotls. helps keep in touch or meet new keepers in canada
6 1 1 3
19th July 2010
Specific Interest
Marbled salamanders (Ambystoma opacum) with their striking black and white coloration and petite but stocky physical form, are shy creatures and can be somewhat delicate but have long been one of my favorite species, so I am setting up a discussion group about them (and other small related species). If you share my passion for them, please feel free to post some pictures.
20 1 1 14
10th December 2010
Specific Interest
For everyone who likes these fantastic animals.
7 1 1 1
21st January 2011
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