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Specific Interest
This group is for all that have axolotls and to give each other tips in breeding and any other subjects to do with axolotls.
362 38 72 109
10th July 2017
Specific Interest
for those of us interested in Dicamptodon and for the few of us who are lucky enough to keep the world's largest, terrestrial salamander.
28 14 34 23
21st June 2016
Specific Interest
For those who think axolotls are the epitome of cool.
196 14 105 74
5th February 2017
Specific Interest
This is a group designed for the sharing of knowledge, and of experiences with Notos.
46 11 67 24
7th September 2016
Specific Interest
This is a group created for anyone who has an interest in European newts such as Triturus, Mesotriton, Ommatotriton, Pleurodeles, and Lissotriton.
91 9 48 89
19th July 2016
Specific Interest
Discussion on ways for us to get the axies we want, to us here in Canada :)
25 8 34 0
5th February 2017
Specific Interest
For keepers and lovers of c.orientalis. join this group and discuss methods and experience :D
81 8 26 23
19th June 2017
Specific Interest
A group were people from around the world who have Axolotl's and can share there tips and tricks to other members and their experiences with the amazing salamander!
77 7 9 12
3 Weeks Ago
Regional Groups
Just USA residents
25 6 7 17
23rd August 2017
Regional Groups
Inviting all Caudata Keepers in Ontario. Tailed Amphibians are rarely available in Ontario with only the most common species. Let's form a network to ensure more rare species become available to more people through breeding locally in Ontario.
18 6 7 1
5th February 2017
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