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Just USA residents
25 6 7 17
23rd August 2017
Inviting all Caudata Keepers in Ontario. Tailed Amphibians are rarely available in Ontario with only the most common species. Let's form a network to ensure more rare species become available to more people through breeding locally in Ontario.
18 6 7 1
5th February 2017
Hey everyone! welcome to my group. i thought i would make a group for all axolotl owners in canada that live in the GTA or close by to talk about our axolotls, common questions or concerns, even where to buy a axolotl cheap and which members are selling in our area.
42 5 5 0
2nd February 2013
A group for newt and salamander hobbyists living in the states comprising the inter mountain west
6 4 4 0
3rd March 2016
To help create a directory of caudate keepers in New Zealand.
9 4 4 0
12th October 2014
A group for anyone who lives, has lived or even just visited Britain and enjoys the company of Caudates
65 4 12 3
11th November 2014
This is a group for those who keep/breed newts and salamanders in the state of California.
33 4 7 5
20th December 2016
Just a group for those of us in Michigan to better know who else is around us that own or breed Axolotl's.
6 2 4 0
22nd October 2014
This is a group for those who are enthusiasts of newts and salamanders and live in Portugal
9 2 4 10
19th December 2016
A group for people who live in New York and/or keep species of amphibians and reptiles that live in New York.
10 2 4 0
24th March 2017
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