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Artistic Axolotl


Silk Painting of Axolotls
"Aquatic Fantasy"
Silk painting of axolotls
Artist & Photographer: Kirsten Torre
My interpretation of axolotls is that these fascinating little creatures are vibrant, colourful and interesting, and that they deserve to be displayed in their full beauty. They are my 'Aquatic Fantasy'.

Paper Axolotl Mask
"Maddy and Her Axolotl Princess"
Drawings of an axolotl princess
Artist: M. Davies

Ceramic Vase and Bowl
"Wild Type Axie and a Shrimp"

Kira's lovely vase depicts a Wildtype axolotl in pursuit of a shrimp.

"Axolotl Fruitbowl"

Beautiful axolotls at play.

Photo of ceramic vases depicting an axolotl and shrimp
Artist: "Kira"
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