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  1. HUN Press: Interneten körözik az alpesi szalamandrát
  2. CHN Press: 湖南绥宁发现中华小鲵 曾和恐龙同住地球
  3. DEU Presse: Vögel verschmähen ungewöhnlich gefärbte Waldsalamander
  4. WA Press: Urbanization appears to have impact on amphibians in county
  5. NY Press: South Forks Outdoors - Salamanders
  6. Axolotl on Rice
  7. US Press: Fanged frog, 162 other new species found
  8. UK Press: Crisis for World's Amphibians
  9. Reptiles Magazine Dec 2009 issue
  10. NOR Press: Salamanderne reddet - kritisk for frosken
  11. ON Press: Wet summer benefits Ontario's salamanders
  12. GBR Press: Rare newts take up residence after reservoir improvements
  13. QC Press: Environmental watchdog raises concern about amphibian loss
  14. VT Press x2: Pesticide kills Lamoille River mudpuppies
  15. KY Press: The newt a part of fall’s brilliant colors
  16. CA Press: New park site erects fencing and a pathway to protect exiting salamanders
  17. VT Press: Biologists, company work together to save mole salamander
  18. ITL Press: La salamandra del «Marsano»
  19. Nature news: Fatal frog fungal disease figured out
  20. GBR Press: Species' extinction threat grows
  21. Va. student mistaken for deer, shot to death
  22. National Geographic: Giant Lungless "Worm" found Living on Land
  23. ScienceDaily: Amphibians as Environmental Omen Disputed
  24. CA Press: Santa Rosa street closed until January
  25. JPN Press: U.S. zoo takes Japanese salamanders
  26. DC Press: Jewish mythology- The Salamander
  27. CHN Press: Beijing restaurants selling illegal (salamanders)
  28. NatGeo VideoGiant Salamanders Helped to Spawn
  29. National Geographic: The Asian Wildlife Trade
  30. Reptiles Magazine March 2010 Newt Article
  31. D'OH! -34 years later Karsenia is 'discovered'
  32. Smuggler
  33. GBR Press: Close encounters with Japan's 'living fossil'
  34. GBR Press: Giant Salamanders: Human thread, human promise
  35. March/April 2010 Sierra Club Mag (Axolotl)
  36. Yellow Spotted Frog found in Austrailia
  37. BBC article on wildlife summit agenda, N.Kaiseri
  38. CAl Tiger Salamander Gets State Protection
  39. GBR Press: Internet trade driving rare salamander to extinction
  40. 300 million-year-old salamander fossil found in Pennsylvania
  41. Immortal Animal
  42. Luristan Newt receives full CITES protection
  43. UK Press: My newt and I
  44. Amphibian crossing guards --- in the big city
  45. AP: Study suggests toads can detect coming earthquakes
  46. Caudata.org Grant for Salamander Conservation and Research
  47. Status of Bolitoglossa paraensis
  48. Solano County lake a refuge for native species: www.SFgate.com
  49. Of Mice and.....Salamanders - Tissue Regeneration
  50. Science Daily:Young Salamanders' Movement Over Land Helps Stabilize Populations
  51. Itrakonazole for Treatment of Chytridiomycosis
  52. Longevity in salamanders
  53. Olms estimated to have 100+ year lifespans
  54. A Solar Salamander - Photosynthetic algae found inside the cells of a vertebrate for the first time
  55. Global hunt begins for 'extinct' species of frogs
  56. NatGeo:Photos: Ten Most Wanted "Extinct" Amphibians
  57. Thousands of Western toads make a run for it!
  58. Kihansi Spray Toads Make Historic Return to Tanzania
  59. "Snot Otter" Sperm to Save Giant Salamander?
  60. Taxonomic revision of Desmognathus wrighti
  61. "Extinct" Amphibians Rediscovered After Decades Lost to Science
  62. Ozark Hellbender Endangered Species Comment period now open
  63. Ice age tiger salamander
  64. Rolling Salamander
  65. It’s Not the Size of the Salamander, It’s the Size of the Fight in the Salamander - ScienceDaily
  66. Some Frogs Pee Out Junk From Their Bodies: Live Science
  67. Fascinating and bizarre research! - ScienceDaily
  68. Two forum members in June Reptiles Magazine
  69. Wired Science - "Symbiotic Salamander"
  70. The Symbiotic Salamander
  71. Amphibians and Salmonella Infections
  72. Interesting.
  73. Urban Salamanders
  74. Poaching illegal in Spain.
  75. Ommatotriton ophryticus in Catalonia
  76. No safe haven for amphibians
  77. Salamanders Spell out Evolution in Action
  78. First ever picture of long lost rainbow toad
  79. Science Daily: Forests Under Threat from Exotic Earthworm Invasion: Study Shows Humans to Blame for Spread of Non-Native Species
  80. Victory for California Tiger Salamander
  81. Houston toad in wildfire disaster
  82. Frog killer immune genes revealed
  83. Herpetology Meeting for Scotland 2011
  84. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Lists the Ozark Hellbender as Endangered
  85. 'Extinct' frog hops back into Israel
  86. Hellbender breeding at St Louis zoo, USA
  87. New Article: Amphibian Abuse – Dyed Frogs Sold as Novelties
  88. New weapon against Chytrid
  89. Should the location of newly discovered species be hidden?
  90. New Article: Chorus Frogs & Chytrid-confusing new reports
  91. Drug from frog skin illegally used on horses
  92. Shelter Dogs Come to the Rescue for Rare Salamanders
  93. 7,000th amphibian described
  94. Guardian article on trade in Kaiseri
  95. Smallest fossilized footprints - Salamander!
  96. Powerful Tool to Fight Wildlife Crime Unveiled
  97. LED Lights Used in Plant Growth Experiments
  98. Salamanders Display Survival Techniques in Period of Extreme Drought
  99. Ranavirus kills turtles, in addition to amphibians
  100. Culturing live foods radio show!