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  1. "Pillbugs and other Isopods" by Orin Mcmonigle
  2. Les Urodèles du monde 2ème édition
  3. Wound recovery & low temperatures - source request
  4. Dai-Sho
  5. Salamanders Keeping and Breeding by Pasmans, Bogaert, Janssen, and Sparreboom
  6. Atlas of Italian Amphibians and reptiles
  7. Salamanders of the Old World by Max Sparreboom
  8. Field Guide Help
  9. "Life In The Dark" by Dante Fenilio
  10. Book Review: Salamanders and Newts of Europe, North Africa and Western Asia (Staniszewski)
  11. The Genus Salamandra by Philip Gerhardt and Uwe Seidel.
  12. BOOK REVIEW: Crocodile Newts The Genera Echinotriton and Tylototriton, by Axel Hernandez