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  1. C. orientalis - Canada
  2. 70 Cynops Orientalis - Canada - Proceeds will be donated
  3. Still have some Spanish Ribbed Newts!!m- Canada
  4. P. chinensis, P. fuzhongensis
  5. Eggs for exchange
  6. Fire Belly Newts Give Away. Canada only
  7. Please Adopt me! - Canada
  8. "Paramesotriton chinensis" - Canada
  9. Spanish Ribbed Newts - Canada
  10. Male and Female Pair of Axolotls for SALE BREEDING AGE
  11. Taricha granulosa to give away-Sudbury, CAN.
  12. Baby Fire Salamanders For Sale - CANADA
  13. Some axolotls available from BC
  14. Advertising policies: please read before posting!
  15. CB. Ambystoma Andersoni {Axolotls} 2010
  16. FBN Eggs and Juvenials to Give (Canada)
  17. 2 male Axolotls For Sale in Alberta
  18. 2 CB Anderson Salamanders, Many CB Juvenile Spanish Ribbed Newts and others
  19. 1 Year Old Terrestrial FBN's for Adoption
  20. Axolotls for sale, Southern Ontario!
  21. Morphed I. alpestris apuanus for sale
  22. CB. Baby Bernardezi
  23. Lot of newts and axolotl (toronoto, Ontario)
  24. Leucistic Juvies for sale (Canada)
  25. All colors in Kawartha lakes!
  26. Axolotl eggs for sale, Toronto Canada.
  27. Axolotls at the Ontario Reptile & Exotic Pet Expo, Feb 26
  28. Captive Bred Spanish Ribbed Newt eggs
  29. Captive Bred H. Orientalis Larva
  30. Wild types
  31. URGENT: 6 Axolotls full aquarium set an more - Toronto, Canada
  32. Axolotl Babies For Sale Toranto, Ontario, GTA Vaughan
  33. FS: Juvenile Wildtype Axolotls in Vancouver, BC (Canada)
  34. Light wild types
  35. Axolotl hatchlings, all colour types (Toronto)
  36. 2 Cynops Orientalis
  37. White albino gfp
  38. CB leucistic and wild axolotl babies
  39. Sudbury, Ontario, GFP Axolotl for sale
  40. Axolotl Juveniles (Toronto, will ship)
  41. Axolotl juveniles golden albino, wild type gfp, leuscistic gfp toronto
  42. Juvie Axolotls for SALE in Toronto!!!
  43. Juveniles in the GTA for sale!
  44. C. orientalis larvae in Toronto (will ship)
  45. Axolotl Juveniles *free* (Toronto, pick-up only)
  46. 3'' Axolotl Brown Wild Type Juveniles in Mississauga
  47. Spanish Ribbed Newts (Toronto, will ship)
  48. Leucistic Axolotl Female - Toronto (will ship)
  49. Salamander/Newt Collection Free to good home
  50. Axolotls for sale (Vancouver, will ship)
  51. Spanish Ribbed Newt larvae (Toronto, will ship)
  52. Axolotl for sale
  53. Captive bred Fire Salamanders
  54. Axolotl Eggs / Toronto, will ship
  55. Axolotl eggs for sale! (Edmonton, Alberta)
  56. Axolotls and newts for sale
  57. Barred Tiger Sal for good home
  58. Baby axolotls
  59. Instagram Axolotl-Art Giveaway!
  60. 3 Axolotls for Sale!
  61. Juvenile axolotls
  62. Axolotl
  63. WTB Axolotls: Melanoid & Wildtype
  64. CANADA - Melanoid, Golden Albino, Wild Type and Melanoid Albino Axolotls
  65. Canada Ontario - aquariums, newts, axolotl give away
  66. Holiday Sale!
  67. Leucistic Spanish ribbed newts Captive bred juveniles
  68. Gfp mix axolotl eggs vancouver, bc
  69. AVAILABLE: Chinese fire-belly newts
  70. Canada axolotl leucy
  71. Juvenile Axolotls for Sale
  72. Ask to buy newts and salamanders for a long time
  73. Looking for a good home: Female Leucistic Axolotl in SW Ontario, Canada
  74. Juvenile axolotls for sale
  75. Baby Fire Salamanders For Sale - CANADA
  76. International trade
  77. Shipping question?
  78. ** My Axolotls need a loving home **
  79. Manitoba, canada
  80. Chinese fire belly newt?
  81. GFP Axolotl eggs, Toronto - can ship
  82. Chinese fire belly newt
  83. Axolotls and Spanish Ribbed Newts in Toronto
  84. Juvie Axies: GFP Wild type, GFP Leucistic
  85. Greater Siren (pickup in Toronto, Canada only)
  86. Toronto - Young Axolotls - Wildtype, Albino, Golden & Leucistic
  87. Selling Axolotl eggs in Canada!
  88. Canadian Roll..
  89. Young Axolotls to give away! Fredericton Canada
  90. T. Carnifex Toronto Ontario
  91. Axolotls for sale in Montréal, QC
  92. Giving away axolotl to good home.