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13th February 2015, 01:21
Hi boys and gurls,

Picking a pair of axolotl's up tomorrow for my daughter, Had been reading all about feeding and housing and so forth.

As they are juveniles I will be feeding them frozen cubed bloodworms defrosted and using a baster to transport them into the food bowl for less mess.

When they get older as adults, I know people feed them earthworms, Here in Adelaide its impossible to get earthworms anywhere, So can I give them frozen Big bloodworms cut in half which are 100% organic?

Thinking of these which can be brought from the fishing shop!

DynaBait Freeze Dried Worms Lure - Dry Bloodworms - FISHING WHOLESALERS (http://www.fishingwholesalers.com.au/dynabait-freeze-dried-worms-lure-dry-bloodworms/)

Would these be recommended or not?


13th February 2015, 17:23
I personally wouldn't, freeze-dried stuff aren't very nutritional for caudates. Does this fishing shop not have any live earthworm or nightcrawler there?
An alternative to worms could be high quality sinking carnivore pellets if you could get your hands on those.

14th February 2015, 03:57
Ok then thankyou. I can get worms from our local worm farmers that have natural and 100% organic live worms