View Full Version : Opinions on my salamandra terrestris outdoor enclosure

Nuclear Herps
8th March 2015, 18:35
Opinions please dont be shy to ask questions.

9th March 2015, 01:03
Looks good. How big is it? Also, how many salamanders are in there?
I would suggest adding a layer of chicken wire on the lid over the top of the mesh you already have on their. A animal could probably break through that mesh by the looks of it, so it wouldn't hurt to put some chicken wire in there for extra stability.

The folded carpet material is a great idea, it looks like there are lots of little hiding crevices for him.
I might also suggest adding a few more leaves on the ground, that way if he ever wants to go from one hide to the next he wont feel so exposed and out in the open when he does.
The water bowl looks quite nice, I have to say.
Thanks for sharing!

9th March 2015, 07:17
I'm not sure plywood is going to last that long outdoors. It's made up of thin sheets of wood glued together. Moisture will soften the glue and swell the wood. Repetitive soaking a drying will eventually make it fall apart. I wouldn't want to expose a salamander to glues used to make plywood.

Nuclear Herps
17th March 2015, 18:59
Sorry for the late reply the enclosure is about 1.5m long and hold 1 salamander at the moment.however im looking for 3 females.