View Full Version : Feeding African Clawed frogs reptomin sticks

22nd June 2015, 16:19
They won't eat the floating sticks. How do I get the frogs to eat the floating sticks

22nd June 2015, 22:19
They have to be trained to eat surface / non moving foods. I have two breeding groups of acf ,wild type and albino. The wildtypes were given floating pellets when they were young as part of their diet and will happily eat them. The albinos were introduced to floating pellets as adults and never really figured out they were food, if they were starved long enough they would probably figure it out but I haven't got the heart to do it. Persistance is probably the key, just keep trying, do yours hand feed ? If so try that, this species will readily take food from you, especially the females.

23rd June 2015, 03:04
You can also try tweezer feeding them whatever food they are eating. Then they associate tweezers with food and the will start taking floating sticks via tweezers. Then start tweezer feeding at the surface. Keep at it and eventually they should eat the sticks without the tweezers.

23rd June 2015, 14:58
I'm by no means an expert because for being a simple frog I have made a few mistakes. For some reason live blackworms or tubiflex killed my frogs I don't know if they over ate or the nasty worms actually ate their way out the stomach. But good quality frozen blood worms or small earth worms chopped up make perfect food for them they also seem to relish a population of ghost shrimp and baby guppies. Seems like I had drastic bad luck with them at first now they seem bullet proof. If they are getting good food and temp you notice they are not that skinny at all and quite robust.