View Full Version : Cascade and Columbia torrent salamander news!

Sith the turtle
24th September 2015, 21:34
Looks like they may be getting endangered species protection!: Cascade and Columbia Torrent Salamanders May Get Endangered Species Act protection (http://www.reptilesmagazine.com/cascade-and-columbia-torrent-salamanders-may-get-endangered-species-act-protection-trending/)

25th September 2015, 04:57
I am not sure i would list R. kezeri as a endangered species....i was in their habitat for only two days, and i found probably around 30+, many of which were simply along the stream banks or in the open in the stream. They appear to be extremely abundant in the right habitat. I might put them as vulnerable. Anyway, i suppose i probably don't know as much on the matter as scientists, but i thought i would throw my two cents in.