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25th October 2015, 23:24
So for boy scouts and I am doing a merit badge
(Reptile and Amphibian Study - MeritBadgeDotOrg (http://meritbadge.org/wiki/index.php/Reptile_and_Amphibian_Study)) which is Reptile and Amphibian Study and it says for one of the requirements is to keep a Amphibian or reptile for a month and record data and I would prefer a WC specimen from around my house so that I can release it into the wild but I don't want WC because its just a bad Idea cause they wont eat well in captivity and will be very stressed :eek: so what should I do

26th October 2015, 11:23
You should write an essay on why that is a bad idea, including that you should never reintroduce a specimen you have taken from the wild because of the diseases going around with them, and write a little bit about the diseases. Also say that it's irresponsible to buy a pet and then discard it after a month, and maybe you can even get the badge requirements changed!

Or, if you can wait, I got tadpoles in my rain barrel the last two years. Maybe next spring you can find some tadpoles near your house, and visit them every day and get the data they want you to get.

26th October 2015, 23:53
Yeah that sounds like a good idea! Thanks for the feedback

Sith the turtle
3rd November 2015, 08:30
So, how did it go? Did you get your merit badge?

3rd November 2015, 23:28
No i am still working on it