View Full Version : S.S. gallaica (serra de Grandola)

26th December 2015, 02:01
Grandola Portuguese fire salamanders born this week.

30th December 2015, 13:16
Hello Michael, I'd be interested to know how these are getting on and what you're feeding them and the temperature you are keeping them at. Thank you.

31st December 2015, 01:36
I have dozens of babies now. At least two females had babies. Everyday their are a few more larvae in the water bowl. I fish them out and put them in shallow water with a few plants. I am feeding them blackworms. Some of the new batch of larvae are smaller and I'll have to watch that they eat the blackworms. I might have to use newly hatched babybrine shrimp. Had I known our winter would be so mild I would have worked a little on daphnia.

31st December 2015, 09:59
Thank you Michael for your interesting news. The winter here (Just west of London UK) is very mild too, never known it so. My adult salamanders, which are kept outside all year to benefit from the seasonal changes, have been active every night.

I've never used brine shrimp at all however I've seen them reared from eggs. I tend to use tuberfix although in moderation as they seem to pollute the water very quickly. In the past some of my smaller larvae never seemed to grow at all and eventually wasted away despite providing not only tiny daphnia but also paramecium cultures too. Good luck with yours.