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2nd January 2016, 21:35
Hey, friends!

I've had a surprise batch of axolotl larvae just before Christmas. I had tried separating my male from the females for a bit, but they would always find a way to get around the plastic mesh divider and my little Albino even injured herself during an attempt. So, I kept them together and just hoped breeding conditions were not the easiest to achieve..

Well, evidently that was not the case! The melanoid female I had recently rescued laid a small clutch of eggs and here we are.

I have a dozen small larvae I am beginning to seek homes for. I appears I have an albino, a couple wild types, and several melanoids. They were laid on December 15th and hatched on varying days around Christmas Eve/Christmas Day!

The frisky father is a 2 year old Luecistic and the mumma is a 2.5 year old Melanoid. They live together with a 8 month old Albino female, in a 50 Gallon custom made tank. It is broad, long, and shallow; perfect for Axolotl exploration and easy surface access. They enjoy a huge Malaysian driftwood fort, live plants, natural light, and large glossy river stones. They are fed night crawlers, guppies, and frozen brine shrimp. The larvae are currently being fed live baby brine shrimp, of course. I am raising them together with the understanding that this teaches them not to nip at each other, as they learn friend from prey early on.

Right now I'm just looking for interested parties and will sort out the details after. I live in the capitol city, Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am asking $40 - $60.00 per axolotl, depending on color and size.