View Full Version : Salamandra salamandra

23rd January 2016, 23:04
I purchased two Salamandra salamandra. Here are some pics of them and their vivarium :D

23rd January 2016, 23:49
I love that picture of the salamander up against the glass! One of mine is very, very aggressive, and so whenever I walk by it immediately goes to the side of the terrarium and occasionally walks up so high that it topples over sideways.

24th January 2016, 12:00
I always like seeing a natural landscaped terrarium. Pleasing on the eye and no doubt a bit of enrichment for your salamanders too DdvythAF.
Schmiggle I wish my lot were a bit more outgoing....I rarely see them at all.

25th January 2016, 03:13
Thanks guys :happy:

25th January 2016, 14:17
I love the setup! Let me know if you are ever in Utah, I will hire you to design some setups for me. :D I could also show you a few herping spots. Again, excellent job!


25th January 2016, 14:58
Blackbun, one of mine is very, very shy, I think it's just basically a personality thing. I just make sure to set up the tank so that each one has a hide that faces out, so at least when they hide, I can still see a lump. :)

25th January 2016, 18:39
Thanks for that Schmiggle. The shyest animals I have are all fastuosas. I bought these as adults so rather than a subspecies thing it could be due to rearing and conditioning. Some days I never see them and the only reason I don't get concerned is I can see their food has been eaten. Because I too use naturally furnished terraria, I don't like to go in there lifting up moss or the carved up logs.