View Full Version : CB S. salamandra in the U.S.

2nd October 2017, 17:58
Is anyone in the U.S. working on breeding these now that the interstate ban is over? I am still a bit apprehensive to put my adults together.

14th November 2017, 03:28
I am trying to breed the ones I got from you :)

9th January 2018, 02:02
There are a few breeders, but not many. I can think of 5 or 6 who breed some kind of fire salamander on a regular basis. If you're looking for specific type, you might have a problem - the main types available in the US are Salamandra s. gallaica, S. s. salamandra and S. s. terrestris. From speaking with others I can tell you that prices have risen since the interstate ban was invalidated. I personally will have some S. s. s. for sale in a month or two.