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14th January 2005, 04:09
Used my Amazon gift certificate and just recieved The Amphibians of Great Smokey Mountains National Park, 2004, University of Tennessee Press.
On a first pass through the pictures and the information is nice (and includes pictures of some interesting color variations including a wild looking "red" Eurycea wilderae). One of the nice features is that it includes nice color pictures or line drawings of the larva and/or metamorphs of the salamanders in the book. There is one mislabeled picture where a four-toed salamander is mislabeled as a spring salamander (I think the picture is in the correct place but the caption is wrong).

All in all, on a first pass through, I would recommend it to anyone interested in the salamanders in that region (particuatly the plethodontids).


15th January 2005, 20:29
Thank you Ed for the book review. Since I don't live in that region, I probably won't get that book at this time. I still need to read "beginner books". But it is always good to get a qualified book review, esp from someone as yourself. Thanks again!