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11th December 2004, 14:16
All the colour enhancing dietary supplements that I have encountered have high levels of carotiniods which boost red colours. But let's say you want to boost your newts guanine and hypoxanthine levels; crystals that refract light to cause blue and white colours, which in many amphibians are blended with yellow pigments to form green. Does any body know of supplements/live foods that have high levels of guanine and hypoxanthine.

11th December 2004, 16:00
There is a significant difference between these and the caretenoids. The crystals for these colors are not taken up from the diet and stored they are manufactured at need. This means that they are under a (should be hormonal) feedback mechanism and simply increasing the amount of raw materials (so to speak) in the diet will not increase these colors.

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11th December 2004, 23:47
I agree with Mike. I don't understand why it is necessary to "enhance" the colours of your animals? Are you so dissatisfied with their appearance you feel you need to change a part of their diet just to make them more aesthetically pleasing to you? I guess I am just satisfied to have the opportunity to keep caudates...