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27th September 2002, 00:19
Dear all,

On Thursday November 7th 2002 I will be presenting a lecture entitled "Newts and Salamanders of Great Britain". The lecture is part of the Bristol Naturalists Society (http://www.digitalbristol.org/members/nature/)'s winter program. It commences at 7 pm, with a break for tea/coffee at 8pm, and then the conclusion of the talk followed by a questions and answers session until about 9pm. I would of course enjoy any informal discussion after the lecture.

The venue for the lecture is the Guide Association Hall, Westmoreland Road, Redland, Bristol BS6 6YW, England. Here (http://www.multimap.co.uk/map/browse.cgi?X=357500&Y=175000&width=500&height=300& client=public&gride=357504&gridn=175153&srec=0&coo rdsys=gb&addr1=The%2BGuide%2BAssociation%2C&addr2= Westmoreland%2BRoad&addr3=Bristol&pc=BS6%2B6YW&adv anced=&scale=50000) is an online map if you need directions.

The lecture will consist of an introduction to newts and salamanders, an outline of their natural history and discussion of the three native species as well as other species that have been introduced into Britain. There will be numerous photos and information (protection status, endangered species, species differentiation, etc). I will also bring along a living exhibit for those interested (probably an asian species).

Entrance is free, but the Society appreciates donations from non-members.

If you are interested in coming but need directions (see the map above for some help) or info on somewhere to stay, etc, don't hesitate to email me.

Kind Regards,


27th September 2002, 10:51
Please note I got my days wrong - November 7th is a Thursday not a Saturday.

8th November 2002, 01:13
Well this went very well indeed. It went on for 2 hours with some very interesting questions and a very good audience. All of you UK enthusiasts should be ashamed of yourselves for missing out http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/lame.gif !

8th November 2002, 16:24
Glad to hear that the lecture went well John.
Its a pity I couldn't make it to Bristol but if you do any more, a bit closer to Doncaster be sure to let me know.


8th November 2002, 23:06
Heh, I doubt I'll be talking in Doncaster, but if it happens, I'll let you know.