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4th March 2007, 20:23
instead of wasting money on wild caught eastern newts, i was thinking i could go out and catch some myself. i know chicago isn't the best place, but does anyone have techniques or a certain time of day they go out in search of amphibians. thanks

4th March 2007, 20:31
You need to find out what the laws are in your state first.

4th March 2007, 21:25
after finding out laws.....

you can go out basicly anytime, I dont think there is a real set time except at night, but you still find them during the day, unless its real hot and or dry

find some ponds with vegitation and no polutants, then net around or wade around in them, you could even search the surrounding area for efts if you desire

7th March 2007, 16:28
Is it better searching for them after it rains? Two people found newts and salamanders after it rained. Coincidence? Or is this a better time to go looking?

7th March 2007, 16:35
After it rains is the best time. Worms and all the good bugs they like to eat come to the surface so they hunt for them. And of course they like moist enviroments to keep their skin moist. Its also usually cooler after a good rain which they like.

7th March 2007, 20:07
I would have to say, catching your own wild caught ANYTHING for your pure amusement is just as bad as buying a wild caught. Wild caught is wild caught. You may be fascinated in one specie, but unless you intend to bred, please choose an animal that is captive bred.


7th March 2007, 23:10
I would have to disagree with you about that, AnnMarie. By catching his own newts, Fred would not be supporting the wild caught pet trade. He would only collect the small number of animals he wanted, instead of catching all in sight like the professional collectors do. And its not easy finding CB eastern newts - not that many people have success with breeding them, or try to breed them. In my humble opinion, its much better for Fred to collect his own than to purchase wild caught from a pet store/biological supply company. The ethics of wild collecting versus purchasing wild caught have been discussed here a few times in years past

8th March 2007, 02:55
I agree with the idea that capturing wild animals for pets is probably not ideal for the animal. On the other hand Heather is right, by not buying the few animals in question from a dealer or store, there are that many more newts not being packed into boxes and shipped all over before getting to a tank. Plus if stores/dealers don't make money on animals like that, then there won't be a demand for wholesale quantities of WC stock.

8th March 2007, 03:01
i'd actually like to TRY and breed them, though i'll probably have little or no success. i only want to get a few. the ones i bought were from a girl w/tons of efts so i think she caught them b/c there were way to many unless she's a serious breeder. i think the reason people collect so many is b/c they barely ever see them. photographers get to see neat stuff all the time and barely keep any. i've only seen salamanders in the wild twice! and by god i got what i could find, which was like 7. and they're living hapily in my 55 pauldarium. except for 1 that died and i bought a slimy and spotted.

8th March 2007, 12:40
Not sure how common they are in Illinois, but they are quite plentiful here in NY. Eastern newts, where they are found are active enough during the day that, with some patience, they can be seen moving around ponds in broad daylight. A long handled net should be all that you need. Efts are often found out in the morning after a rain, but they will disappear after a while. Night hunting adult newts on the ground is probably the hardest route. I don't see any ethical problem with you taking a small number of animals for your personal use. The few you take will hopefully meet a kinder fate than the millions that get squashed on the roads every rainy night or scooped up to whither away at Wally's PetCoMart. People tend to forget, or conveniently overlook, that EVERY CB animal had a WC ancestor and I'm not aware of any wholesale breeding facility for any of the Asian newts that SO many people keep. CB's are generally preferred, but not always an option. If you need help, PM me...

12th March 2007, 22:27
umm, i think that wild caught is great if you intend on breeding them, but Annmarie has a point in that it is far better to have captive bred animals. the only "wildies" i have to my knowledge are my pair of salamandra galiaca, which are a breeding project. but even then im not too sure whether they are wildies or not