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16th January 2005, 10:43
I'm not sure where this belongs so hope I've got it right.
Oh - and nice to be here - hi Morg, Alan - after a bit of time away.
I really wanted to offer some feedback re help using the forum.

1. Fundamentally, please can you add a mention of the password retrieval function to the help/instructions section, just to highlight its existence?

2. When I did find the retrieval-account-activation-key-thingummy, ***what put me off using it was I could not recall my username either. Getting the password back seemed only half the issue. *** If I had pressed on, I now see I would have got both, so more fool me for making an assumption. Anyway, I emailed admin for advice, repeatedly, in vain.

If someone emails looking for help that might be obvious to the more technically-savvy (and we aren't all at the same level, are we?) please can you think about answering anyway?

Sometime years ago, a young person emailed a question about her axolotl that she was concerned about to a forum similar to this one. She went ignored. When I asked a regular community member about this - it bugged me!!! - I realised people were annoyed at her ignoring the basic care FAQ. She should have opened her eyes, just like me.

A more compassionate approach might be if you know something simple, that someone else needs to know... tell them. Just because it is obvious to you...

Still nice to be back though... http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/happy.gif

16th January 2005, 15:14
Hi Matt, I was wondering where you went! Welcome back! How are the chams? Come to that, how are the alpestris (or was it orientalis? I forget).

John Clare has been away for a few weeks - could be why your emails went unanswered?

17th January 2005, 11:18
A.apuanus growing like weeds - handfed live bloodworm last night! C. orientalis much bigger but still s-o-o-h cute. What a lovely day we all had at Dave's (even if I was half asleep)!