View Full Version : Any details of my new salamander (salamandra galica) with pics

25th February 2007, 22:56
got sold a lovely pair of salamandra galica today.
looked on the web, but cant find them anywhere.
they look similar to Salamandra salamandra bernadezi and tiger salamanders, only differant.
the pics is of the male, who is about 6" to 8"



do you like him?
hes called kermit, or goliath?
my only other question, has it been falsely identified, and is it a subspecies of another fire salamander.
one things for sure though, he is a legend, and he looks well cool!

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25th February 2007, 23:15
That looks like a Salamandra salamandra bernadezi to me (i'm no salamandra expert) salamandra salamandra galica usually have red around their head.

25th February 2007, 23:31
Id say its no way a bernardezi...but could be wrong. Looks gallaica to me... a nicelly striped one.
Also the size is not of a bernardezi, they remain smaller i think.

25th February 2007, 23:56
Told you I don't know much about them just a guess.

26th February 2007, 14:17
Alex, if you haven't yet seen these, they may prove beneficial to you:


26th February 2007, 16:43
cheers guys
its not a bernadezi coz they are alot smaller, and initially i thought the female may have injured herself because she had purple red undercolour in the black on her face so might that be the red(although she has grazed her chin)

26th February 2007, 16:47
thanks for that link, i hadnt seen it.
yes the purple is a reddish marking(thank god for that)
the options from the pics are crespoi, galliaca & werneri
do all galiacas have the very strong red on their heads, or is the indevidual in the pic from that link just a very coloured indevidual?