View Full Version : Salmonella from amphibians?

5th February 2005, 21:59
Someone told me that it would be possible to get salmonella not only from reptiles, but from amphibians as well. I ran a Google-search, and there were couple of studies that verified that there are some cases when salmonella has been linked to amphibians. But those studies talked only about "amphibians" in general, they did not mention anything about species or even animal groups (anurans or caudates).

Do someone know anything more specific, or a good source to read more about salmonella and amphibians. Or is it only a myth and some false studies?

6th February 2005, 00:40
There are many serotypes of salamonella. It is possible to get salamonella from any amphibian if it is carrying a serotype or the enviroment the amphibian lives in is contaminated with the serotype. (But basically salmonella is a normal part of the amphibains' intestional fauna). The basic rule still holds, wash you hands when done working with any animal and do not clean cage furnishings where food prep may take place.

For a summary of salmonella and amphibians see page 170-171 of Amphibian Medicine and Captive Husbandry.