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23rd September 2002, 08:24
does anyone know how much a terrestiral setup would cost?

24th September 2002, 12:01
A simple, functional set-up may cost you nothing at all. If you want a nice, showy one for a living room and add some high tech your expenses will go up...

24th September 2002, 12:44
well would it be under 100$

24th September 2002, 15:52
Let's take a "simple" example: (local retail)

10G Tank = $8.99
Fluorescent fixture = $29.99
Screen Mesh Top = $10.99
Moss = $7.99 (nice size)
Soil Mixture = $8.99 (nice mix w/ moss etc.)
Spray bottle = $1.99
Hideout = $4.99
Neurergus crocatus Import = $1,000.00 (LOL)

total = $73.93 + tax/ship/etc..

*If you went with Incandescent fixture, you would save $11.00 and would HEAT/Dry up tank fast.


p.s. Did i really spend that much? OUCH, I must really like sallies. I won't go into my 20L's

24th September 2002, 20:21
Thanks for that, now all i have to do is catch the little things and save up for the setup!

27th September 2002, 07:37
whats going to go in the tank?

27th September 2002, 08:16
im thinking of getting some taddies