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10th December 2004, 20:47
I have just gotten off the phone speaking to an Axolotl supplier. The news is that Axolotls, among other exotics, will be banned from 23 states, with the remaining states requiring permits to own these animals. I can see why some of the "exotic" species should be banned, but Axolotls? Also, how does this law affect the other salamander/newt species? Anyone out there aware of the "real information" regarding such new law?
I am concerned for all on this forum that are so caring and responsible for these wonderful animals. To not have access to them - absurd! Anyway, feedback will be appreciated.

10th December 2004, 21:21
WEll that sucks! I hope its not my state!

11th December 2004, 13:00
I doubt that information. Most states are slow to change regulations regarding herps, especially non-native ones. And a coordinated effort against a single species is way out of range for their abilities. And I doubt the feds are too concerned about them. Did he give you a list of the states?


11th December 2004, 13:53
yeah-if they exist they will have to have a grandfather clause-so they may be able to stop new sales but how do they propose to stop interior sales? usually animals are banned in states where they are presumed to be able to survive in the wild or become an invasive species if released -these have fit this description for a long time-so why the new concern?...id call another exotic supplier and see if they have heard the same thing or if this guy misinterpreted something -or has his head somewhere......

11th December 2004, 16:01
Just an FYI comment, there do not have to be grandfather exceptions. These often come about due to lawsiuts.


11th December 2004, 22:59
well, if this is a real thing, im pretty sure that california is going to be on the list, we are on the list for everything nowadays it seems.

12th December 2004, 12:59
Can you ask this supplier for more specifics? Who told you this? Their are certainly lots of new exotic animal laws in the U.S. The most interesting one is the new rules in New York State. Most of these laws address large constrictors, venomous snakes, large lizards, native U.S. animals, and animals thought to be vectors of disease. As far as I know Axolotls are still legal in most states in the U.S. I know New Jersey doesn't allow them without permits. Some have told me they can't have them in California but I haven't seen any regulations about it.

12th December 2004, 17:54
Yes, I will recontact this supplier and try to get more specifics. I have been doing research over the internet also. As you mentioned Michael, there is a big movement against all venomous animals, and the larger constrictors. Otherwise info is vague. I have looked up certain bills that are to be passed, or have been, I cannot seem to get the detailed list of the recommended species to be banned - again - vague. I will also be checking into the HSUS proposals. I ran into an article that states HSUS is also considering banning any animals that may be possible salmonella carriers. I have not seen any concrete evidence as of yet. It does concern me though. My opinion regarding the salmonella issue is that education is much better than blanket banning. This is another "fear movement" for lack of understanding. Also the majority of concerned voters probably have nothing to do with the handling of such creatures - therefore no knowledge - again scary. I don't want to be overly paranoid, or cause undue concern, but I do want to know what the government (fed/states) has in store that will affect our wonderful hobby/research/conservation efforts. Will get back soon hopefully with "real" info. Thank you.

12th December 2004, 19:28
That's a rather odd thing. Big waste of time. Why not ban something that needs banning instead of a widespread, laboratory animal?

12th December 2004, 23:44
HSUS has repeatedly in the recent past tried to get reptiles banned due to salmonella issues. The last time (a couple of years ago) the ARAV came out against the ban.


13th December 2004, 01:12
Ed, you are right - this seems to have been going on for awhile. I did see the article from ARAV to HSUS regarding said issue (dated 11/10/01). As far as the HSUS site, it appears that the salmonella issue is still a concern of theirs. There are some good rebuttals from qualified universities and individuals though. I am going to keep searching.

20th December 2004, 03:03
In may state, you can't get anything right now, at least not that i am aware of. I took a trip down to seattle, and the only newts avalible were CFBs and guess what? you can't even get those in bellingham anywhare. I bought the last one at the seattle petsmart and the last one at the bellingham store. They won't realese any information about there supplier, but petco said there only supplier is Calzoo. Also I haven't been able to buy feeder guppies for about 2-3 weeks. oh an they had tiger salamanders up her for a few weeks, and when they ran out they said they doubt they will ever get them again, or the CFBs. Sad