View Full Version : Java moss in london?

20th August 2002, 00:14
hello ,
i was wondering if anyones know where i can find some java mos in london, unbeleivable as it might seems i have not seeing any, and i do regulary many petstore around london.
also, i was wondering if anyones know of some good plants which i could growth in the platform of my tank, there is no earth, the platform is made of glass, like a tray, which as 1 inches of water and rocks, so ideally, i would need a type of plants who can growth with his roots in water but as is leaves outside the water.
i am also thinking to growth some plants inside the water who would be able to growth off the water, to give extra platform to my newts.
thank in advanced
ps;does anyones know of some others plants who would nicely cover the subtract, like grass?

20th August 2002, 10:18
I dont know about London, but java moss can be ordered online at
Devils ivy[Epipremnum aureum] will grow in the water as an emergent plant, with leaves growing out of the water if you can find any.
One plant will give you clippings for lots of set ups, the clippings will grow almost anywhere even rooted in damp moss in damp moss.


20th August 2002, 11:42
thank for the infos, i shall have a looks to the site.