View Full Version : New Member with a *unique* Axi

16th December 2004, 09:18
Just introducing myself. i have a pink Axi named Kate who is about a year old. The great love of her life is an opaline gourami named ozzie *as in ostrich. if I cant see you, you cant see me* these pair share the same tank food and hidey rock. Definately not unusual to see the gouramis head poking out one end and hers the other LOL.

16th December 2004, 13:24
Hi Cecily,

Welcome to Caudata.org!

It very nice to see new newt lovers around!!

One thing just be very careful with that gourami in there, he one day might think the axies gills are dinner!

If you havn't already take a look at http://www.axolotl.org/



Feel free to ask any questions!!

16th December 2004, 16:02
Welcome to the site, you'll find lots of useful info here.

but just one thing, is it just me or do axies like cold water while pearl gourmi are tropical fish? what temperature is the tank at?

16th December 2004, 23:14
Opaline gourami is Trichogaster trichopterus....a variant of the 3 spot gourami. They are very hardy and should do just fine in cool water. Trichogaster leeri, the Pearl gourami, is a bit more touchy.

17th December 2004, 10:18
As Joseph said mine is the above species and as for gill nipping ozzie is an extremely nervous and difficult to solialize fish that was given too me and even though he is at least 3 times the size of everything in the community tank he just got picked on something awfull. Kates tank is 18 degrees and both Oz and kate do well at this temp.