View Full Version : Who is newt, who is salamander?? hehehe

6th January 2005, 18:44
Hi caudata lovers!! I'm a brazilian guy newbie in caudata...

I have a little question: who is newt and who is salamander? Is diferent??

Sorry for the poor english!

6th January 2005, 18:58
Hi, and welcome! You should get somebody elses opinion, but most newt are mostly aquatic, and most salamanders are mostly terrestrial. That is the most basic answer, good luck!

6th January 2005, 20:03
The answer to this and many other questions is found in the FAQ at Caudata Culture:

"What is the difference between a newt and a salamander?

Surprisingly, there is no really meaningful difference. The distinction is more historic than scientific. Newts are a subgroup of salamanders. All newts are salamanders, but not all salamanders are newts. The following are the things that distinguish newts from salamanders.

A salamander is called a "newt" if it belongs to one of the following genera: Cynops, Echinotriton, Euproctus, Neurergus, Notophthalmus, Pachytriton, Paramesotriton, Pleurodeles, Taricha, Triturus, or Tylototriton.
Newts generally spend more of their adult lives in the water than salamanders. However, there are exceptions (terrestrial newts and aquatic salamanders).
Newts generally have more distinctive differences between the sexes and a more complex aquatic courtship. Again, there are exceptions."

6th January 2005, 20:19

Very basic question... But...
My "newts" are 5 Triturus cristatus, 1 Pleurodeles waltl, 4 Cynops orientalis and several Ambystoma mexicanum (newt or salamander?? hehehe)

Look the Axolotls here: www.myreef.hpg.com.br/axolote.htm (http://www.myreef.hpg.com.br/axolote.htm)

6th January 2005, 20:39
Axolotls classify under "aquatic salamanders," as do sirens, hellbenders, giant salamanders, etc.

7th January 2005, 11:29