View Full Version : Noise Problem?

27th August 2002, 21:35
I was just wondering if slightly loud "unnatural" noise would bother Eastern/Red Spotted Newt efts. I put a small fan on top of their cage to keep the temperature down a little, because it gets up to 85 degrees and very humid in their cage with moist moss. I turn the fan on whenever it gets too hot for them, to try to keep the temp at around 75, and it is a little loud. Would this affect the newts at all?

30th August 2002, 16:02
i dunno about newts but i read somewhere that it can stress axolotls so it may go the same for your newts.

1st September 2002, 14:25
The "sound" itself may be less of a problem then the vibrations that the motor of the fan is transmitting to the enclosure. While the sound will also be transmited through the substrate the vibration of the motor will be significantly more powerful.

7th September 2002, 11:37
As usual, Ed knows all http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/happy.gif Try mounting the fan away from the tank where the cool air will still reach them.