View Full Version : Can I keep newts and turtles together????

28th August 2002, 21:35
First I want to say that i've been reading alot about newts and have been wanting one for a while. I really would like to get a japenese fire belly. I have a 55gallon tank set up that has a waterfall and land on one side and about 8 inch deep water on the other side, about 1/3 of the tank is land and the rest is water....anyways i have turtles, red eared sliders, map and a softshell in the tank and was wondering if the turtles can live together with the newt....i cant seen to find any info about mixing the two....i have read that its okay to put newts with small frogs and snakes and was wondering if anyone here has housed any newts with turtles successfully, or is it impossible for the two to live together....any info will greatly appreciated...thank jennifer

28th August 2002, 22:23
Well, to set you in the right direction it is not ok to keep newts with any other animal, even newts of different species, and sometimes even newts of the same species.

So, where you have read it's ok with small frogs and snakes isn't exactly true. And turtles is for sure never true.

Generally if you mix you risk diseases, different climate requirments, and the worst one is attack/eating attempts by the different species.

If you want yout newts to lose limbs or end up dead/missing then you could mix them with your turtles...but no one here will endorse it or say it's ok, or even pretend there is a chance it may work out.

Hope that helps,

29th August 2002, 22:31
Hi Rob, Thanks for the advice....I went to my local pet store the other day and seen the cutest little jfb newts. I've been wanting to get a newt or salamander for a while, but didnt know much about them, and i didnt want to get one without learning how to care for it.
I already have a dog, an iguana, 5 turtles, 2 ferrets,& a couple tanks of fish and researched how to properly take care of all of them before i got them. I love exotic and strange animals, but would never want to harm them or risk their life no matter how small it is.
Can you believe the lady i spoke to at the pet store where i seen them said they would get along just fine with turtles!!!! But I know better than to listen to them! I'm so glad i decided to come here and ask and to reasearch!! I not only coulda killed the little newt I wanted to buy, but if one of my turtles decided to take a bite outta it, it woulda died to...oh and the lady at the pet store said that the newts were not toxic either!!!! What an idiot!!!!
Thanks again for the advice....i'm gonna read a little more about them before i get any....i'm gonna set up one of my old 10 gal tanks first, get the water cycling for a couple weeks ect....
Anyways, thanks again Jennifer

29th August 2002, 23:26
Good calls. Pet store people are sometimes just giving answers to sell something, that's why.

Check out www.caudata.org/caudatecentral/ for good caresheets

3rd October 2002, 20:49
just another example of stupid staff:
I was in a reptile shop looking at the salamanders and when asking about the spotted salamander the lady said they had a younger one and produced a newt!
she didn't realise that it was a totally differant species but also it was smaller than the salamander would have been when it morphed!

5th October 2002, 20:48
This brings up a memory.

I was at my local ZOO. In where they have geckos, seals, etc.., I seen two LARGE tigers.

They were the biggest i ever seen 12-15". The point here is they were on a MOSS land area and had access to a giant water pond. BUT the pond had 2-6 TURTLES in there living. They were medium sized and i forget the species, BUT im surprised no one ever got hurt.


p.s. Im going back next year and stealing those tigers, anyone want in? LOL