View Full Version : Baby newts fighting

17th March 2004, 22:13
ive had my 2 baby male japanese firebelly newts. i feed one of my firebellys first while feeding him the other one comes up and they start to fight. any other time of the day there fine but when i feed them they turn into the most vicious newts ive ever seen. what should i do during feeding time.}

19th March 2004, 01:26
<font color="ff6000">Very common in many salamanders. Are these Cynops pyrrhogaster or orientalis? I don't like changing surroundings to feed, so I suggest feeding each with tongs in different locations of the tank. You could slip each one a worm while the other isn't looking. You could also put separate piles of bloodworms or live worms in two parts of the tank and guide one to each. Usually frozen bloodworms defrosted in water will go all over the bottom, so each could have their own feast.</font>