View Full Version : Spanish Ribbed newt larvae disappeared

1st March 2004, 02:36
My Spanish Ribbed newt larvae have disappeared! I have moved the tank off of the edge of the shelf and shined a flashlight on the underside of the rocks and see no clue of them. I had somewhere in the realm of 200 larvae and all have disappeared within the last two weeks. I see no corpses. Any ideas? Do snails eat them? I really don't have very many snails and all of them are relatively small. Help!

1st March 2004, 16:08
Snails would eat them after they died. If they are in the tank with the parents, the adults might eat them. If you can find any of them, take them out and put them in a different container where you can see them. I would suggest not using gravel with larvae. And for 200 of them, you would need at least a couple of containers to start with, and MANY containers as they grow up.

I currently have 19 ribbed newt larvae, and I need 4 containers (one 15-gallon tank and 3 medium-sized Rubbermaid tubs). They get huge.