View Full Version : Sick HKWarty

11th August 2002, 05:28
My Paramesotriton hongkongensis seems to have a problem with fungal infections, despite my most desperate attempts to keep his tank cool and promote a natural ecosystem, I am having no luck. He has huge lesions on several surfaces of his body, although this time and the last time he had a fungal infection they seemed to cause the most damage to extremities. He is having great difficulty swimming, and if you look in the General care section I noted that the Benzocaine did not euthanize him as I had hoped this morning, as this would be the most humane thing to do right now. However, he seems to either have quite a tolerance for toxins or maybe a stronger will to live than I expected. As someone suggested, I have been soaking him in a mild salt solution in treated water to try and irradicate the fungus. I cleaned the tank and added "powdered bacteria" in the appropriate amount to re-start the nitrogen cycle after my attempts at medicating the tank (which I now know is a big no-no). I am not sure what else to do, as one of the lesions is particularly large and near the trunk of his body on a rear leg. He is experiencing great difficulty in swimming, although shortly after the Benzocaine incident he seemed comfortable, and was able to regulate his air intake effectively. I've got to say I'm baffled at this point, but I love this little guy more than anything in the world. I do not have access to materials necessary for some of the solutions noted in this site and Caudate Central. However, has anyone had any experience/success with the dirt treatment of illness? My newt seems primarily aquatic and I do not foresee him enjoying this much but if it's damp enough to keep him alive while fixing the fungus then it will be worth his further temporary discomfort. The site of his original infection about five months ago resulted of a wound from an acorus plant (long since removed) that actually sliced one of his fingers cleanly off. He lost the whole hand sans one finger, which is growing back nicely right now. I am hoping he will spring back from this current, more potent bout of the same infection, but as you can tell by my efforts to euthanize him it is obvious he is stressed and in much pain. I added more plants to his tank yesterday in an attempt to improve his quality of life for the time being, regardless of the outcome of the situation. They can do nothing but aid in regulating the water quality... Anyway, if anyone has advice of any sort on this please let me know. I was shocked to find that my former success attributable to cooling of his water and (ack...but I didn't know better) malachite green was actually quite toxic to him, and I have since discontinued its use...but at this point am wishing for something as effective in fungal control. My newt needs a basement, damnit! That's his former environment and it is much too warm for him in our 72-75 degree apartment.