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21st May 2004, 09:25
Heey everybody
This is my first post on this site!
I have a question about my Triturus alpestris!
It's now their breeding season so I keep them in a tank with a lot of water and a small peace of land, but they are all on this peace of land.
Anyone of you guys know why they do this and maybe how i could prevent this, or what kind of tank T. alpestris than needs??
Greetz Leo

22nd May 2004, 02:34
Leo, at what temperature (and light cycle) did you keep the newts during the winter? If they do not get cold enough in winter, they may not get in breeding condition.


22nd May 2004, 16:26
I've kept them in the garage, where it freezes in the winter, so it was cold enough for them, and they have already breeded, but they're so soon out of the water, maybe it's too warm in my tank??? I don't use a heating system (don't know how to call it), just a lamp! And the lit of my tank is always sealed, so maybe it gets too warm???
Thanx anyway for your response!!
Grtz Leo