View Full Version : LQQKING For setup Ideas for tiger tank.

5th December 2003, 09:38
I have a pair of tiger salamanders that I am setting up in a bigger tank and need ideas on how to set it up. I know the simplest way is just substrate, hides and water bowl, but that is too plain for me. I want something I can enjoy looking at.

The tigers will be going into a 20 long, so I am somewhat limited... But these guys dont do much.. Tend to stay under their hide all the time...until I come to feed them..of course

SO, Any ideas???

Thanks, Harpy

PS... Pictures would be great....

5th December 2003, 15:46
Here is a link to one of the messages that has someones tiger sal setup http://www.caudata.org/forum/messages/7618/7635.html?1068150695