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18th November 2003, 16:05
I was wondering were you get or how you make screen lids?
You see at the minute i'm currently using a aquarium hood and there is'nt a lot of ventilation it also makes the temperature in my tank higher.

18th November 2003, 16:11
You know, I keep my hood open for ventilation. I think if you have the tank filled only half way, and if there's nothing leading up to the top that they can climb on, I see no reason not to keep it open. I've been keeping it open for a month, and have found no escapees.
Also, you should be able to find already made screen lids in a number of sizes at a local pet store. I realize you're in England, but you may be able to order one online at Petco.com.
Of course, you'll have to convert the sizes.

19th November 2003, 03:04
E.R., I disagree. In my experience there are very few caudates that, given an open tank, will not eventually escape. Many of them have no difficulty climbing directly onto the glass, with or without help from an island. It's only a matter of time. Axolotls and sirens may be exceptions, as they can't really climb. But in my opinion, advising anyone on this forum to EVER leave a tank lid open is very, very dangerous advice. See:

Mark, they are easy to buy in the US at pet shops, not sure about the UK. There is a set of instructions for lid-making at:
www.intlamphibday.org/wiki/wiki.asp (http://www.intlamphibday.org/wiki/wiki.asp)
(This site seems to be currently off-line, hopefully the link will work in the future.)

I made a screen lid using Velcro and plastic window screen material. If these materials are available and you want details, let me know.

19th November 2003, 03:17
I agree Jen, newts climb glass adeptly and when least expected. Siren, mudpuppies, hellbenders, and amphiuma don't seem to climb but a sizable example is very able to jump several inches. I have never lost a larval tiger or an axolotl from an uncovered tank, but that may just be luck. A cover is best for all. rdb

19th November 2003, 14:46
Well, mine try, but they always slide off. The side of the tank is kinda slimy, and I really don't think they'll ever be able to climb it. I've seen them try, but they never make it past the water line.

21st November 2003, 16:31
A more robust screen can be made with window screen frame stock and corners available at U.S. home improvement stores. The frame pieces are sold in 8 foot lengths in a variety of colors, corner hardware is sold seperately. Cut the frame stock to form a lid that fits tightly inside of the aqurium's top rim. The screen is attached by pressing the edges into a groove in the frame; screen is held in place with a cord called spline. The spline is also sold seperately. There are tools to make getting the screen and spline put into the frame easier.

If you have trouble getting the lid on and off, put screws into the top of the frame to use as handles. Small notches can be drilled into the edge of the frame for electrical cords or air lines.

I always use aluminum screen because crickets will eventually chew through plastic or nylon screen.

21st November 2003, 19:34
I usually just buy pre-made screen lids, then affix an extra layer of black fiberglass window screen (by the roll, from the hardware store) to the top with black duct tape, to minimize dust that gets into the tank and mucks up the water.

My largest tank is a bowfront, and I couldn't find a ready-made screen, so I made one out of the same fiberglass screening, and edged it with the black duct tape. It's a bit flimsy, but I have clips to hold it down around the sides.

Cleaning the tank is an escape issue, too, even if it is covered most of the time. My paddle-tail escaped a year ago while I was cleaning the tank - best guess is that he hitched a ride out on the siphon. I didn't find him until it was too late :'(