View Full Version : Marbled Newts Big Tank Setup

30th April 2004, 11:35
Here is a picture of my recently finalized setup, I've added a glass divider so the water won't mix with the whole tank. The glass divider is behind the flagstones stair.

I'll try to get a better picture soon.


30th April 2004, 13:02
That's beautiful!

You all make me so jealous with my "minimalist" approach. Looks like I'm going to have to do some decorating.

30th April 2004, 17:00
Very nice Coen, and I'm sure the newts appreciate the gentle slope. My own tank has wood pieces and rocks going up but I noticed they only go up if the angle is small.
I like the piece of wood you put in the upper part too, it gives a nice proportion to the landscape.Cool.

30th April 2004, 19:06
Do you have a pump? If so, what kind and where is it placed. Nice setup.

30th April 2004, 23:05
Great setup Coen. Can you take some close-ups when your at it? Like to see the plants you're using.


21st May 2004, 18:50
yea my tank looks rubbish compared to that i will have to improve but your tank is great