View Full Version : I need a pic of a good mudpuppy t

21st December 2003, 05:28
i need a good pic of a good mudpuppy tank pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez i really wanna get one but i need an idea of how to setup a good tank


23rd December 2003, 02:24
Basically, they just need an aquatic tank. Look for pictures of axolotl tanks, for example.

23rd December 2003, 20:28
what about a lesser siren tank?

22nd February 2004, 21:37
I keep my lesser siren in a 15 gallon tank with a Duetto filter (not sure what number the Duetto is).. and an air-stone being pumped by a Whisper airpump. not sure that's necessary, but I tend to be cautious about things with gills.

bottom is silica sand with some large rocks in a pile (in front of the filter to reduce sand being pulled in). adn some plastic plants.

the beast stays burried in the sand most of the time and comes out only when looking for food.

I use ghost shrimp and HBH newt pellets.