View Full Version : Trying to hatch Artemia.

11th March 2007, 15:37
I already have 4 little larvae, and i managed to get some very cheap artemia eggs. The problem is, they are not hatching. Nearly all the eggs are now white and in the bottom. But there´s no sign of movement or hatching of those eggs...
How do you do to hatch small amounts of artemia??? I really need a small amount of them since i only have 4 larvae, and just another 4 to hatch.

11th March 2007, 18:23
Artemia eggs die (become un-hatchable) within months or years, depending on how they are stored. If kept in a cool DRY place, they can last a few years. If stored incorrectly, they lose viability quickly. Since they were cheap, I suspect they are simply dead.

What hatching conditions did you use? What is the pH of your water? The wrong salt concentration or wrong pH can be problems, but these would have to be VERY wrong in order to completely prevent hatching.

11th March 2007, 18:56
Just aged water, with the eggs and the salt that comes with the eggs. Dunno about the pH...

11th March 2007, 19:27
Get new eggs, from brineshimpdirect.com, and buy a hatchery from them, its only a few bucks and uses a pop bottle, and an airstone, works great. You can also get a strainer to rinse the salt off of them.

The hotter they are(80 degrees) the faster they hatch.

there are fifty diffrent ways to hatch brine shrimp. its really easy. Read up and you will be a pro