View Full Version : Instant Blackworms?!

20th February 2005, 21:39
So the dish in which I usually put my newt's blackworms was completely dried up, and had been for a couple of days. There is always residue in the bottom, and it's gotten to the point where it -won't- come off, so I just don't bother. One night before I went to bed I added a little water to the empty dish and voila! the next day, there were -tons- of little blackworms in there. So, either I fed the little guy in my sleep, or blackworms are magic. Anyone know what might have happened here? Or has someone had this happen?

22nd February 2005, 19:10
When you say "little" do you mean really really tiny, or just the usual blackworm size? I think there may have been worms in there that weren't completely dried out (they huddle into a tight mass when they begin to dry out). Then they were OK when you added water. If that isn't it, then I'm stumped.

24th February 2005, 22:32
They were thin. Most of my blackworms are fairly plump