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22nd November 2006, 00:04
what kind are these??http://www.caudata.org/forum/messages/24861/73655.jpg i got 100 of em for $2.50

22nd November 2006, 23:58
They are some kind of compost worm (Eisenia or Dendrobena). Large caudates should like to eat them whole. If you cut these worms, they (may) have a foul smell, and some caudates may reject them. These worms are easy to grow yourself (and then you can get very small ones).

23rd November 2006, 15:00
thanks jennifer i already start to culture them, so i wonrt have to buy them again, i asked aobut the size of the glass i cut, its that deep enough, ive being placing 3 every day for 3 days already, and im not shure if he eats them or they get out, he come close qhen i place them there, but havent seen him eating them, but he looks full stomach in the morning, guess hes eatin them.

3rd December 2006, 04:09
they look like redworms. my newts wont take reds, as they smell bad and are extremely active when being eaten.