View Full Version : What is this smell???

10th November 2005, 22:28
I have some canadian worms (here in Brazil we call them like this) and when I cut them they, I can feel a really nasty smell! something like musk or something... not a organic smell if you understand me! What is this! is it safe for my newts??

12th November 2005, 01:09
Based on your description, I think you have redworms, not the same as what we call "canadian nightcrawlers". (Nightcrawler = very large earthworm). Are the worms red color, with rings? If so, they are not harmful, but some newts will refuse to eat them (probably because of this smell).

Here are some photos of redworms (Eisenia foetida). See the rings? Is this what you have? The do smell bad when cut!

14th November 2005, 04:56
I've also noticed a few other kinds of worms produce a musky smell...which could be what you have too. Redworms are said to smell acrid but since I'm not sure how you define smells I couldn't describe it much better. I found my newts will take redworms.

14th November 2005, 05:22
Now, I dont know how to define my worm. I dont smell any thing. maybe just b/c of me. Anyway, they call it trout worms. What are they? They all look the same to me.

14th November 2005, 14:17
Trout worms are usually Eisenia foetida, at least at my local bait shop they're called so. You may have some worms that smell worse than others. Most of my animals will also eat redworms.

14th November 2005, 15:50
The discription of the smell and other things you all had sayed tell me that what I have here are redworms, but the pictures are pretty diferent!I take some photos this morning.... this are the worms! http://www.caudata.org/forum/messages/24861/47786.jpg

14th November 2005, 16:32
Like any other organisms, these can vary significantly in color. My bet is that they're redworms. If your animals will eat them, then they're fine to feed.

14th November 2005, 17:00
Eisenia foetida - From google is also called as Red Worm. Is that true?

14th November 2005, 19:11
Red worms, tiger worms, compost worms, red wigglers, leafworms, you name it, they're all the same worm. That's the problem with using common names.

14th November 2005, 20:05
Yes, but I only want to know if its safe to feed my newts with this worms! This smell is not some kind of toxic fluid or something like this??? Some of my newts refuse to eat them sometimes, other newts eat them very well....

14th November 2005, 21:59
These worms are perfectly safe. But the fluid also tastes bad, so some newts refuse them.

14th November 2005, 22:55
I agree. They are safe for the newts. Many newts will eat them whole, but not cut.