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18th September 2005, 03:31
I was wondering...

Mom has an aquarium in which we keep guppies, zebra danios, and rosy reads. The guppies breed like crazy, and we just let them there... most of them die, a few survive... well.. I was thinking, would it be ok to let loose some of the fry in with the newts for the newts to eat them? I still don't have newts, I was thinking of getting OFB or Triturus.... but I've been wondering that for a while now... what do you think?

18th September 2005, 03:33
Oh! I forgot to clarify.. I'm not thinking of this as their sole source of food... just as "treats" or part of their diet. I would also be feeding them some other food items like bloodworms, tubifex, brine shrimp, daphnia, cricket pinheads, ect.

19th September 2005, 20:38
It wouldn't hurt to try this. However, most adult newts are too slow-moving to catch them. Most likely the fish will simply grow up in the newt tank. Triturus larvae go through a phase where they are very efficient at eating fish fry, but as adults they are unable.

20th September 2005, 02:57
Thanks for the reply. Well... I could always try and if they get too big for the newts, return them to mom's fishtank, or make a new fishtank of my own! LOL

17th December 2006, 02:27
HI, I'm new to (newt o) the forum so I know this is an older thread, but anyway, I have guppies living with my newts (two tanks, three different newt species: one paddletail alone, and another tank with Eastern and Firebelly newts). The guppies have babies all the time, and 95% of them get eaten by the newts (and 100% of the fry get eaten by the paddletail; when I want more guppies in there I take them out of the other tank). I started doing this thinking they could get some alternate nutrition to what I usually feed them. So I think it has been very successful.

8th January 2007, 11:44
Awwww pure little fish! but hey if they are going to die most likely anyways why not!