View Full Version : Kweichow and Shanjing breeding

17th July 2004, 14:38
Are there any good books or articles written in English about care and breeding of these animals?
I'm just finding bits and pieces about them. Marc S Staniszewski has shanjing in his book, but with his rep, I'd hate to use his work as the bible. Anyone?

17th July 2004, 18:24
AZA has a studbook on shanjing as Detroit (and elsewhere) has bred them a number of times. Most of the reproductions have been of cb offspring but wc have been bred several times.
The description on the caudata culture page is pretty close to the studbook description. The only difference I remember off hand is that in the studbook reproduction occured between 72 and 76 F after a period spent at the mid 60s (which is my experience at work). The only difference I have with the caudata culture sheet is that fertile eggs may be deposited on both land and water.