View Full Version : Tylototriton verrucosus VS Tylototriton shanjing??

29th March 2004, 15:02
i have a ID problem between this two, what is the main differences between this 2 species. Furthermore T. shanjing is a lousier swimer right?


is there a difference between the 2 of them???

30th March 2004, 12:59
Those are both T. shanjing Alex.

T. shanjing can swim perfectly well, it just usually doesn't want to except during the breeding period.

30th March 2004, 13:00
Hmm, just noticed you have three photos there - the third one is hard to identify.

30th March 2004, 14:14
The third one (from above) looks like some of my "verrucosus complex" - animals.


30th March 2004, 14:32
Yeah, it does look verrucosus-like but there's a chance it could still be a shanjing - the photo isn't exactly clear.

30th March 2004, 14:59
thanks John, whats the easiest way to ID between the 2???

and is a frozen bloodworm diet with mealworms ok?
and how u guys feed the mealworms to them if so???

30th March 2004, 18:53
Look at the info sheets on Caudata Culture for photos. If you took a better photo of that third animal we could tell you which it is, but the other two photos are definitely T. shanjing.

I don't advise feeding mealworms and I don't think many others who have kept newts for a long time would advise them either.

Frozen bloodworms are a decent staple food but you need to feed them something else too - I would advise earthworm pieces.

30th March 2004, 19:46
In the third pic, I can see a firebelly peeking over the driftwood. These newts aren't in the same tank are they???

30th March 2004, 23:59
Alex, I'm no expert on Tylotos, but if these guys seem to prefer to stay up on the islands, I would suggest moving them to a setup with more land area. They may be going into the water only to seek a way to escape or a hiding place. The second photo certainly looks like a shanjing to me. And I agree with chris, they should not be in the same tank with C. orientalis.

31st March 2004, 14:44
yah setting up a new vivarium for them, but singapore dun seem to be selling them anymore, searching high and low for them

btw, yah i know they cant be mixed, but they're doing fine, i separated them liao after picking up more knowledge from the internet
but they were living together for at least a month

31st March 2004, 15:03
i will keep in mind not to feed mealworms, cos some local hobbyists recommend feeding mealworms which have just moulted and the body is very soft.

thanks for all the help, this 2 pieces of shanjing were my ex collection......
the first one drowned due to my mostly aquatic setup (happened that i raise the water level that day, was with me for 4 months)
and the other suffered from deformaties, bought him cause he seem very sick at a local pet shop, heard that it wasnt feeding well and the shop keeper just kept him in a tank with just water. tot he might be better off in my tank only to bring home and realised hes got some disease
cant be seen from the pic, he was covered by some funny slime and one side of his leg seems rotting away......

passed away within a month, was only feeding on and off, (was separated from my CFBN already then)

since then i realised the importance of having a good knowledge of what ya keeping.... thats why i been trying to learn more before embarking on keeping them