View Full Version : Plants for egg-laying verrucosus?

13th May 2002, 18:11
I dont think that my female T verrucosus are mature enough yet, being noticably smaller than the male, but the male has started a bit of tail wafting etc.
Just in case I am trying to find out what type of plants are most commonly used in egg laying.
I seem to remember reading somewhere that they will lay in java moss, but don't remember where I read it.
The tank contains 5 types of plants, but I would like to know which ones to keep checking.


13th May 2002, 18:17
They aren't fussy. I only ever have Egeria densa (aka "Elodea") and Java Moss (Vesicularia dubyana). They even lay them on rocks occasionally.

13th May 2002, 20:18
Thanx John
Both of those plants are in the tank.

14th May 2002, 21:23
Actually, my big female seems to prefer Java moss (she's laying on it right now). She's laying more eggs on that than on the Egeria.

14th May 2002, 22:28
Speaking of which, I just took this photo.


15th May 2002, 09:37
Great photo
verrucosus really are amazing newts arent they.

I will keep an eye on the plants for eggs,the male is really going for it trying to interest his favourite female, but as I said, I dont think she is ready yet.

15th May 2002, 10:06
Was the male the one I sent you this year? Good luck with them.

15th May 2002, 11:00
Yes it is the male that you sent

15th May 2002, 22:40
And here's a photo from today (she's still spawning intermittantly actually).


There's nearly a hundred eggs in that photo and she's laid at least twice that this time around.

16th May 2002, 11:51
A few people have asked if I'm raising these, and the answer is yes. Should have nice 8 cm juveniles by mid Autumn. I know I said last week in another post that I wouldn't be raising any but I changed my mind.

19th May 2002, 03:57
What will you be doing with the offspring?

19th May 2002, 11:39
Raise them and probably put an advert here in the Autumn. Like I've said before though, only in the UK.

22nd May 2002, 20:52
Im afraid that my females laying. How do I get them out without harming the embryos, will taking them out of the water(even for 30 seconds) to transfer them to another tank kill them ? What kind of percentage mature to larvae and what kind of percentage make it to adulthood ?

22nd May 2002, 20:58
They're tough enough to mess around with, don't worry. If you're really good at it, you should be able to raise 99% of what hatches. The problem is that those are really small larvae you'll have due to the size of the mother, so they may prove more difficult than normal. The usual guidelines apply though, except keep those above 22 degrees C if you want them to grow well.

Good luck.

22nd May 2002, 21:25
keeping them at that temp. will not be a problem if I raise any to maturity I shall ask my local zoo (shepreth) if they want any. They already keep axolotls and cynops. I'll tell you what though, I'm glad that my parents between them have kept so many large plastic containers because all this activity has tested my emergency homing skills to the limit.

22nd May 2002, 22:12
Those won't be small enough for hatchlings I'm afraid.