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6th July 2004, 05:37
Hi I have wanted newts for 20 odd years now, and have decided that now is the time... we cant catch them in the wild anymore so I am going to need to find myself a breeder!
I have a 5ft tank sitting empty all ready to go with an under gravel air filter, so this will be large enough to have an area in and out of the water.
can anyone point me in the right direction???
I do remember a friend of my fathers trying to sell me a huge black newt with red flames coming from his head,and a huge white one to match... although I would be quite happy with the good old british variety of newt.
hope you can help!!!

10th July 2004, 19:54

11th July 2004, 14:51
Too bad your not in the states. Jen or I could get you set up with some captive breds. Maybe some of our English members can help you out. What species are you considering?

11th July 2004, 17:28
if its possible for you to get one id lean more towards a tiger salamander