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26th August 2003, 17:59
This might seem odd, but think about it.
Blue Hyla meridionalis exist, it's like albinism or melanism. Blue Lacerta agilis also exist. Two green herps wich are green, rarely blue. What's the opinion here about blue marmoratus?

26th August 2003, 20:15
Never heard of blue marmoratus... http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/sick.gif

27th August 2003, 08:15
I've never heard of any, either, but I guess it is possible. As I understand it, green colour in amphibians is made up of a blue pigment and yellow oils in the skin (this is why albinos often look yellow).

So if the yellow oils are missing, you'll get blue instead of green.

27th August 2003, 10:01
I have bred many Triturus marmoratus and T. pygmaeus but never saw blue ones among them. Literature is also not known on blue ones, only flavistic ons and albinos.
But in frogs (als Rana esculenta, R. ridibunda) and European Hyla species it known (however they never have flavistic specimens..). So skin from newts could be slightly different then that from anuran species.

27th August 2003, 14:30
I have seen almost yellow-soft green t.marmoratus and t.marmoratus with flavism. Though, no blue variant yet.
Best wishes

28th August 2003, 04:39
I have seen a picture of a blue/grey marbled newt, in fact it was an hybrid of T. Marmoratus and T. Cristatus, a strange looking beast.
In some areas in France the range of the Marbled newts overlaps with that of the Crested newts.
The hybrids, which were once considered to be separate species, T. Blasii, may also breed with each other or the parent species.
So a wide range of color is possible when natural hybridization occurs on large scale.

hope it helps

29th August 2003, 11:15
I've seen these hybrides before, they intend to look more like one of the parents, so they look like T. cristatus or T. marmoratus
And I think that picture you saw was a carnifex marmoratus hybride, www.herp.it (http://www.herp.it) maybe?

21st September 2003, 16:18
I currently have 2 distinct animals that are crossbreds . One looks like a mystery : bit pale in color and a yellowish belly with black dots... but veryu very big (it's a female)
The other is a crossbred from carnifex & marmoratus : the upper side looks like marmoratus, the belly like carnifex. But it has a yellow line on it's back instead. So this one looks good. Both are females and currently doing well

22nd September 2003, 15:24
The hybrid I have looks just like a cristatus, but with dark olive coloured dots over the whole body. It has many white dots on the sides of the body too. It's 180 mm now. The belly is like cristatus.
So it really looks like cristatus, but the difference is obvious when it's in the water.